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AppsFlyer, the largest apps measurement platform of the world explains what to do after the launch of a new app in the stores

Brands, advertisers and app or games developers invest hours on the creation and IT development to enable great ideas for billions os users’ smartphones all over the world. Ok, everybory already understood that mobile presence is fundamental, and that good aplications are usefull and valuable to consumers, to engage with a brand, to buy in a mobile store or to spend time. But, what next?

All that time is invested on the creation and liberation of the aplication inside the stores, but few is discussed or known about how and where to invest after its launch. AppsFlyer, global leader in app analysis, which platform is used for more than tem thousand app developers, brands and agencies to measure app performance, has created a step by step of what to do and what to measure to garantee the success of an aplication.

1) Know the meaning of Atribution – you will need it
Knowing where the user is coming from is the first step to evaluate you app performance. Atribution is exactly this: understanding the origin of a download. It is to atribute a source. Of course we download aplications from Google Play or App Store, but before getting there, the user saw a publicity or some other comunication that have motivated the download.

2) Spread app ads through digital media

Make ads on social media: Facebook Ads, Google adwords, sponsored posts, instagram, twitter etc.

3) Understand what the users are doing

After launching and spreading, the only thing that app owners can know is how many downloads it is achieving. But you have to go way beyond that to guarantee the survival and success of the aplication. It is demanding to know what are people doing with it? How many times a day they use it? For what? Where are they using it?

4) Know how many users are uninstalling and from where they are

It is not enough to know how many users are dowloading an aplication. You have to know how many are unistalling it. “With specific tools it is possible to know what kind of smartphones are uninstalling an app”, says Daniel Junowicz, AppsFlyer director for Latin America.

5) Realign the strategy and media investments on real time

With those info and measurements on hand, the marketeers can quickly change media channels where they are investing on, according to the results. If more users are coming from sponsored posts on Facebook, put more Money in there. If the good responses are coming from certain displays, put more money on that too. Withdraw investments from channels that are not working. Rethink the communication according to the app.

6) It is a Constant work

Spreading and promoting and app is a never ending job. Prepare to work a lot after its launch. If you think the hardest part is done, you are wrong.

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