AppsFlyer opens new office in Latin America and consolidates its expansion

logo-appsflyerThe leading global platform for mobile advertising attribution & marketing analytics sets foot in the region. With its state-of-the-art technology, AppsFlyer audits more than 4 billion dollars a year in mobile advertising investments in real time. In Latin America one of their main customers is OLX Brasil.

Buenos Aires, May 2016. AppsFlyer [ ], the leading company in mobile advertising attribution and marketing analytics has announced the opening of new offices in Buenos Aires, as part of their expansion process in Latin America. The company also appointed Daniel Junowicz as Managing Director for the region. During the last 2 years, Junowicz worked in the business development of AppsFlyer in China.

AppsFlyer is a worldwide platform that allows marketing experts, brands, app developers and advertising agencies to measure their mobile marketing campaigns through more than 1,900 ad-networks. It also provides information on the behavior and commitment of users in each application's environment, customer life-time value, and data useful to measure the advertising return on investment.

As an official partner of Facebook, Google and Twitter, among other large advertising inventory providers, AppsFlyer offers neutral, objective criteria for mobile advertisers, showing full transparency in the source of each interaction with the ads.

With top clients such as OLX Brazil and other leaders of the digital environment who already use AppsFlyer to measure and optimize their mobile campaigns, data-based marketing experts of Latin America continue to adopt the latest analytics tools to improve their advertising efforts.

''Latin America is experiencing an exponential growth in mobile innovation and adoption. We see user permanence time increasing on a daily basis, surpassing all other forms of communication'', said Daniel Junowicz, AppsFlyer Managing Director for Latin America. For this reason, marketers are changing their approach and becoming more sophisticated towards mobile marketing. The challenge for the different markets is often that there are different mobile app installation and use patterns, and so marketing experts must be wary of a variety of details, especially if their application is designed only for some of those markets''.

The new Buenos Aires office joins the existing AppsFlyer branches in Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangalore, San Francisco, New York, Berlin and London. This expansion is taking place amid tremendous growth of the company:

In 2015, it followed up more than 4 billion dollars of advertising investments
The company went from 40 to 170 employees in the past year
Measures more than 200 billion mobile interactions per month

"AppsFlyer's data and insights are the heartbeat of our mobile marketing engine - said Caio Ferreira, Marketing Coordinator at OLX Brasil. Their accuracy, scale and attention to our needs are truly best-in-class, the baseline by which we measure our other partners. We are thrilled AppsFlyer is expanding their on-the-ground presence in Latin America, and look forward to working more closely with them as we continue growing our user base".

Junowicz then added that ''in Latin America, mobile user retention is still the biggest weakness for application marketing professionals. This is why our platform is so necessary for day-to-day operations. e already have a strong client base in the region, and look forward to continue serving local and global companies throughout Latin America with the best tools and support to help them thrive. Our goal is to continue empowering and growing our amazing client base, and our new office in Latin America allows us to work even more closely with our partners, to tap into some of the best talent in marketing technology on a worldwide level, and to support the phenomenal innovation occurring in the region.''

About AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is the leading mobile advertising attribution and marketing analytics platform, measuring more than $4 billion in mobile ad spend annually. Over 10,000 app marketers, agencies and brands use our proprietary solutions to measure and optimize their performance. With over 1,900 integrated ad networks, and as an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Google Official Partner, and Twitter Official Partner, AppsFlyer provides mobile advertisers with unbiased attribution, smart deeplinking, mobile campaign analytics, in-app user engagement tracking, lifetime value analysis, ROI and retargeting attribution for over 1 billion installs each month. Some of their main clients on a global level include Macy’s, Samsung, Trivago, HBO, Playtika, IHG, Alibaba, Baidu, OLX Brazil and many others. For more information, visit


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